WPC 2016 – Digital Transformation at the Forefront

Digital transformation. It’s something we have heard Microsoft reference throughout conferences this year. It’s businesses moving from simply using digital technology, to creating digital technology of their own regardless of industry. With the rapid pace of change in today’s digital landscape, it’s a sink or swim kind of world. While […]

SPaaS – SharePoint as a Skill

Microsoft recently shared an interesting statistic indicating 1.5 million people have listed SharePoint as a skill on their LinkedIn profile. You can very easily verify this number by doing a search on SharePoint skills from your own profile. In fact, LinkedIn has a handy, dandy topic page for each skill and […]

Extreme Makeover Document Library Edition

Many exciting announcements and sneak peeks came from May 4th‘s Future of SharePoint event (full vid ICYMI). One of my favorites, and one that we can already get our hands on, is the overhaul to the document library UI for SharePoint. If you are fortunate enough to have an Office […]

SharePoint Rescue Squads

Almost a year ago I made the jump into the consulting space after a long while spent playing SharePoint advocate at Sony Electronics. Having spent so many years being on the business side and being a client of SharePoint consultants definitely had me leery while I was gazing over the […]

Forget the IT Pro, What’s the Future for the BA?

There have been some great discussions and materials going around regarding the future of the IT Pro in the SharePoint and Office 365 cloud landscape. At the most recent Puget Sound SharePoint User Group (PSSPUG) the audience was treated to an expert panel ripe with Super Stars in the land […]

Illustrating SharePoint Cooperative Governance… but Pretty!

In my recent article “SharePoint Governance is a Team Sport” published over on ITUnity I explore the activities involved in selecting the team for a collaborative governance strategy. If you follow my posts, I state quite regularly that I believe it is most beneficial when you leverage both the business […]

The Happenings: June

This month has been an eventful one. I made my grand entrance into the blogging world through a challenge issued by my boss, Mr. Christian Buckley. It was a proper kick in the pants to get me blogging regularly and I have had so. much. fun. Throughout this month I […]

What comes first? The Users or the Site?

This weekend I spent some quality time validating sites following a migration. As I was clicking along from sub-site to buried sub-site I started thinking about how often I see this same scenario: buckets of sites to hold other sites to hold yet more sites which eventually hold a page […]

A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words When Planning Your SharePoint Site

Have you ever sat in a planning meeting with a customer and seen blank stares looking back as you try to explain your amazing solution idea? Or perhaps you are struggling to get buy-in for the solution you have planned? Try presenting your idea visually. Instead of using diagrams of a site […]